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Template BOM Data Centre & DRC

Terlampir adalah contoh Dokumen Bill Of Material (BOM) Data Centre dan DRC

Switch Switch SSE-X3348S / SSE-X3348S 48 x SFP Support One / Ten  Gigabit FO Single Mode/Multimode Tranceiver Modul (Cisco Compatible) 48 unit
SFP+ 10 G Long Range 10 Gbic Single Mode 220 unit
iSCSI Storage Server 2 set
Motherboard Supermicro X8DTH-iF 1 unit
Intel Xeon E5620 + Fan 2 unit
Hynix DDR3 PC1600 4GB ECC REG 16 unit
OCZ Vertex4 128GB SATA SSD 2.5″ 2 unit
Supermicro SC417E26-R1400LPB 1 unit
AOC-USAS2LP-H8iR + Battery Backup 2 unit
Internal Cable – raidcard to backplane 2 unit
Dual Port Internal Cable (CBL-0168L) 1 unit
Supermicro AOC-STG-b4S 1 unit
SFP+ 10G 4 unit
  OCZ Vertex 4 – 256GB SSD 2.5″ 70 unit
  Additional Enclosure
  Supermicro SC417E16-RJBOD1 1 unit
Dual Port Internal Cable (CBL-0168L) 2 unit
  External Cable (CBL-0166L) – minSAS 2 unit
  Toshiba 2.5″ 600GB SAS 10000RPM 88 unit

DOKUMEN Bill of Materiam (BOM) Data Centre and DRC dalam format Excel

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